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'Energise' Long Eaton's Spring Wellbeing EventIncluding the 2019 Fibro 5 Challenge Treasure HuntCome and support Fibro Active by entering our Treasure Hunt. Clues  for the treasure hunt will lead you around West Park and you may win a prize, goodie bag or...

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How do I accept my illness?

How do I accept my illness - by Julie Barker Recently, on various forums, there has been a lot of people asking how they can accept their illness. Some people are recommending books, others are giving first-hand experience. Both sources are very helpful...

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AGM Tuesday 15th January 2019

Please join us for our AGM.This will be a celebration of our second year. The 'business' bit of the AGM will be from 11.00am.From 11.45am - 1.00pm  we will be hosting a coffee morning with homemade cakes.We look forward to seeing you there - new members...

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Fibromyalgia Hand Pain

Hand Pain We use our hands for almost everything we do. With Fibromyalgia they let us down quite frequently. Symptoms include: – Difficulty gripping items such as pens, artist's brushes and keys It feels like the strength has just disappeared. Writing...

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Fibromyalgia Lower Back and Hip Flexor Pain

Lower Back and Hip Flexor pain Many sufferers try to reduce their pain levels by sitting. Sitting for extended periods every day weakens the muscles and increases pain. Trying to move causes so much pain and chronic stiffness that you tend to refrain from...

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Fibromyalgia Chest Pain

Costochondritis - Fibromyalgia chest pain This is a painful chest pain often associated with fibromyalgia.  It is an inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the chest bone, this inflammation is the cause of the sharp chest pains inside the...

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Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body and because there are many other bones and muscles around the shoulder, it is more susceptible to spreading and affecting the surrounding areas. Poor posture can also occur to avoid the pain; this commonly leads...

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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Did you know? We now have open classes in Tai Chi for Arthritis (Sun Style) and Tai Chi for Beginners (Yang Style). You can read more about Tai Chi here or you can view our class time table here.

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