Tai Chi in the Park

27th July at 10am is the next date for our informal tai chi practice session in West Park in the floral garden, adjacent to the butterfly gates.  These sessions have been sponsored by Public Health, they are free and everyone is welcome, there is no formal instruction – come and play tai chi!


I had an idea that  a monthly, free tai chi practice session held in West Park, might be fun, I thought we could open it to our classes and to the ones Chris runs, I thought it would be a low key quiet idea, giving all our students a chance to meet and socialise.

Then, earlier in the year, I suggested this to Julie – give her an idea and she runs with it!!  It turned into an organised event for ‘World Tai Chi Day’ with sponsorship for a flag and t-shirts from Public Health, it all tied in with the government’s ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’.



World Tai Chi Day

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day was on April 27th. As the timelines reached 10am around the planet, millions of people were practicing tai chi and qigong in it’s many forms. Looking on the World Tai Chi site we can see spectacular demonstrations in beautiful settings  around the world.

But for us, World Tai Chi Day dawned, pouring with rain, blowing a gale and freezing cold, thank you storm Hannah! This was not how I had imagined it!  But we set off, not really expecting anyone to brave the weather and were really surprised to welcome around 40 people; some were our students, other were from different tai chi schools and we all joined together and played tai chi!

Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to join in!  I was absolutely frozen by the end and I know it took Julie, Chris and me most of the day to feel warm again, but, everyone said how much they had enjoyed it and all were looking forward to the next one!