The Fibro 5 Challenge

What is the Fibro 5?

The Fibro 5 is our 5 ways to Fibro Wellbeing, which we have incorporated into our programme.


What is the Challenge?

The Challenge is an annual event that challenges our group members and members of the community to attend an event to help us raise awareness of Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME and raise funds to allow us to continue to support our members.


Why do we raise awareness?

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 20 of us may be sufferers? We want to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia and Chronic/Fatigue Syndrome and support people who have symptoms or are are diagnosed to allow them to accept and manage their illness, so they can move forward with a life with Fibro.

2024 Fibro 5 Challenge

Walking to Awareness Challenge

Why not join us or our virtual Walking to Awareness Challenge for 2024

March 31st – May 12th

Following the success of our first sponsored Walking to Awareness event in 2021, we extend an invitation for your participation in helping us achieve our 2024 goal. Let’s collectively aim to cover 3,422.47 miles, building upon the target set from last year’s total. Your support is invaluable as we stride towards this endeavor together.

Celebration Coffee Morning

You are invited to our coffee morning to celebrate the end of our Walking to Awareness Event.

We will be having a Raffle, Tombola, Cakes, Craft Stall and more!

Date & Location

Tuesday May 14th 2024
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Petersham Community Hall
Grasmere Road, NG10 4DZ

Walking to Awareness 2024

You can contribute to raising awareness not just by participating in the event but also by assisting us in fundraising with JustGiving. All funds raised will go to the local Fibro Active support group as to help provide support to those coping with Fibromyalgia.
We will provide more details on how to give closer to the events starting date.


How does the Walking to Awareness work?

Every Step Counts!

There is no obligation to do more than you already do! This is something that most of us do already and you don’t have to go out on a special walk to achieve this but it would be great if you did.

We walk to the bathroom, to the bus stop, to the shops, round the shops, to school, to the doctor’s office and hospital and even walking the dog. All steps count!

How can I measure my steps?

If you can only manage a few steps you can count them. If you manage further you can get an app for your phone or a Fitbit or equivalent. We just ask that you convert steps to miles and add up your miles to one weekly total figure.

You can submit your miles on our facebook page before each Wednesday once the event starts.

Keep up to date on Facebook

You can keep up on recent progress reports as well as any new information regarding the Fibro 5 Challenge Event, Walk to Awareness here or by clicking on the facebook icon below. 


2024 Progress Report

We’ll post our progress here every week once the event starts.

2024 Goal

Our goal this year is 3,422.47 miles!

  • 89% 89%

Our final total this year is 3056 miles.

Previous Walking to Awareness Results


Support & Sponsors

If you would like to raise money for Fibro Active you can print out our Fibro Active Sponsorship Form (.pdf) here.