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To ensure we maintain excellent quality standards the Tai Chi for Arthritis, Sun Style Short For mand Tai Chi for Beginners Instructors are all registered members of the Tai Chi for Health Institute. We are not permitted to practice without this membership. We have to keep up to date with regular training and refreshers.

Typical Session

Our Tai chi for Health Institute classes include Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and 2, with Falls Prevention, also known as the Sun Style Short Form and Tai Chi for Beginners.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 (TCA1) and Part 2 (TCA2) is primarily aimed towards people with all forms of arthritis, fibromyalgia and balance issues.  It is based on Sun Style Tai Chi, which due to it’s higher stance makes it easier for everyone to learn.  However, this course provides a good introduction to Sun Style Tai Chi and is also known as the Sun Style Short Form, it is suitable for everyone.

Tai Chi for Beginners is an introduction to Yang Style Tai Chi.  Yang 24 is the most popular form practiced today

Our class’s start with the Tai chi for Health warm up followed by a few minutes of relaxation practicing Qigong and then we follow the Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method learning a new movement each week. Each class is finished with a cool down.

Want to know our schedule for classes?

Go to our Class Time Table page here.

Reported benefits of Tai Chi:
  • Pain relief and less stiffness
  • Improved balance and less falls
  • Uplifting of the spirit and greater relaxation
  • Improved ability to do daily tasks
  • Improved muscle strength and joint flexibility
  • Enjoyment of tai chi practice

This is what some of our students had to say:

Delia ‘It’s a pleasure to attend this tai chi course as the instructors create a lovely relaxed atmosphere, whilst teaching an art that keeps you fit and healthy in mind and body.  Each week learning a series of named movements adding to a general tai chi routine; I have found these courses most beneficial and really enjoyable.’       

Angela ‘Harder than it initially looked, but Julie and Jane are very patient and professional. Will be signing up again.’ 

Soozie ‘Been a lovely calming experience learning with Julie and Jane.  They are very patient teachers and I love the lessons.  Looking forward to the next phase.  Practice, practice, practice!’

Liz ‘I have psoriatic arthritis so to find something that I can do is a real bonus.  The gentle movement and co ordination is a great way to try and move painful joints.  After many years of falling the improvement in my balance is remarkable.  It doesn’t make me superwoman but makes me a lot more measured in movement and steadier with my balance.’

Kathy ‘I started my first tai chi class on Monday and was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so spiritual to watch Julie and Jane do the routine with such synchronisation. I hope I can learn to do this too!’



Christopher Davenport is our most experienced trainer. He is a Physiotherapist at Impact Physio and runs classes in Tai Chi for Arthritis, Yang and Sun styles.

Chris is the lead instructor for the Fibro Active Tuesday mixed ability
class where all 3 instructors are present to enable us to break into smaller groups according to the levels of ability.

Julie Barker is Chairperson of Fibro Active and is qualified as a Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Beginners Instructor she has attended the Sun and Yang style classes at Impact Physio for three years and greatly benefited from practicing the styles. Julie is a former level 1 archery coach, small bore rifle instructor and community sports coach including female only level 1 boxing coach.

Jane Gordon is the Treasurer of Fibro Active and after joining Julie each week at Impact Physio also attended the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Beginners course. Jane is a keen fitness guru and has spent many years swimming, jogging and walking.

Fibro Active have been funded by Public Health to deliver Tai Chi for Arthritis classes to group members. By training as instructors, we can make the Tai Chi classes sustainable for the group and work in partnership with other organisations such as Strictly no Falling and Broad Street Spiritualist Centre to deliver the programme to help reduce the risk of trips and falls in the community.

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