Tai Chi for Arthritis with Falls Prevention

 Sun Style Short Form

Tai Chi for Beginners – Yang Style

Class Time Table

Group members only

mixed ability class

11:00am – 1:00pm
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Open Class


Petersham Community Hall, Grasmere Rd, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. NG10 4DZ

Monday 13.30hrs to 14.30hrs
 Tai Chi for Beginners (Yang Style) TCA Part 2 (Sun Style)

Monday 14.30hrs – 15.30hrs
Sun Style Short Form

Cost is £5 per class

 Open Class

12 Week Course
Thursday 16th May 2019


Broad Street Spiritualist Church, Broad Street,
Long Eaton, Derbyshire. NG10 1LF

Thursday 18.30hrs to 19.30hrs
 TCA Part 1 Improvers

Thursday 19.30hrs – 20.30hrs
 TCA Part 2 Improvers or Tai Chi for beginners (Yang)


Cost is £5 per class

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