Hand Pain

We use our hands for almost everything we do. With Fibromyalgia they let us down quite frequently. Symptoms include: –

Difficulty gripping items such as pens, artist’s brushes and keys

It feels like the strength has just disappeared. Writing becomes difficult and painful and the pen can just fall out of your hand. Losing sensation in your hands is especially annoying when you struggle with everyday tasks like unlocking the door, when your keys just keep falling out of your hands!

Nerve related feelings all over the hands and into the fingers

It feels like pins and needles almost all the time and it spreadsup your forearms. Typing even with the lightest pressure on the keyboard can send a cascade of pain from the point of contact up the digits, into the hands and up into the arms.

Pain in the palms and the backs of the hands

This can worsens during a flare.  The hands swell frequently, however this is none inflammatory.

Tendon pain and Fascia Constriction symptoms

This can be increased by repetition and changes in the weather.