Holly Blue – (Single Meetings)

Fibro Active

What is included in the Holly Blue Single Meetings?

Access to single meeting*

You’ll have access to our face to face meetings.


Newsletters & Updates

All of our members will have access to our Newsletters and any new updates.

*These places are limited, so you will need to check if there is room before you arrive.

Holly Blue Drop In Cost

The cost of the Holly Blue Drop In is £3 per session. This goes towards the room hire and refreshments at our venues.

You can pay in person when you arrive.

If you’re looking for something that gives more options, check out our monthly membership plan (Emperor Purple Membership) that allows you to arrive to the meetings without having to book before hand as well as other perks.

To sign up for the Holly Blue Single Meeting Membership, please fill out the registration form by going to our register page.

We ask that every new member reads and agrees to the following Terms & Conditions before arriving to our meetings. We also ask you to be aware of our social media policies which can be found below. These are to keep you safe as well as us as a group.

Rules & Procedures - Required to read before joining


As a committee we have the responsibility to ensure that the legalities of the group are adhered to.

We only offer activities with qualified instructors and we can only work within the perimeters of our knowledge.


To ensure we maintain quality standards, the committee are accountable to the following services and bodies.

Being accountable for the groups actions means there are some things we can and cannot do.


Please do not bring any prescribed medication or bought medication/ supplements to meetings to give to other members. Individuals must seek advice from their doctor or pharmacist directly as medication that is not prescribed may interfere with existing medications and conditions.

We are not able to recommend any medication or supplements either prescribed or over the counter.

Because above all else, we are not qualified, and we do not have the knowledge.

You must only seek advice from your GP.  Dietitians are only able to recommend Vit D and Probiotics.

We are not the same

We have the knowledge of our own illness, but we are not the same as everyone else!

You are Unique

Everyone is….

…suffers uniquely
…responds differently
…has different deficiencies
…could have a secondary illness
…could take meds that interfere with a secondary illness
…could take meds that interfere with secondary illness meds

Mind quote

Every drug/ supplement that you take must be granted by your GP/ Specialist. Drugs work differently for everyone. They can be influenced by all sorts of personal factors such as; age, weight, genes, general health, liver and kidney function, and whether or not you are able to take the drug as recommended. mind.org.uk


When your GP is looking at your case, it is for you! And you only!

There can be no comparison and no competition furthermore; Medication dosages are unique to you too.

You can say

What’s the point in being in a support group if we can’t talk about meds? Well the good news is that we are not stopping you from talking about medication and supplements full stop. And if you have read the social media policy, it does state that you can talk about what has or hasn’t worked for you. You must be mindful that everyone is unique.


Facebook Group Support Page

Our closed group on Facebook (Fibro Active Support Group) should be your first point of call if you use it. All updates, information links and discussions are posted on there. It is key for keeping members who are unable to attend the meeting to keep in contact. However, if you do not have Facebook, we can arrange for you to be put on a mailing list. Please ensure that you read our social media policy. You can find this in the constitution, which is in your Welcome pack, it is in the ‘about’ section, in the ‘announcements’ and in the uploaded files all on the group page.

We also have an open page that we share posts and events to the community called Fibro Active and you can find us on Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Group & Social Media Policy

Etiquette on Fibro Active Group Page (Facebook)

  • Keep all posts as positive as possible. Our administrators will not post anything that will lower the mood of the rest of the group. Questions on symptoms advice will be published.
  • Please refrain from posting the dosage amounts of any medication you are taking it as for health and safety reasons, administrators are not permitted to publish it. Helpful advice on treatments that you have found useful will be permitted.
  • We are not a selling site so adverts will not be posted and strictly no direct links.
  • Please respect other people’s opinions, you may not agree with them but what a boring world it would be if we all agreed.

Same illness, different journey

We all have the knowledge of our own illness, but we are not the same. We all suffer uniquely. respond and react to medication differently, we may have secondary illnesses, our conditions may be at different severities. Our baseline limitations and capabilities are at different levels. When your GP is looking at your case. It is for you, and you only! There can be no comparison and there’s no competition.

It is very difficult to balance a programme of activities to cater for everyone. We have researched the most appropriate activities that are bespoke to our needs. We deliver to the highest standard with qualified, experienced instructors. All our activities are inclusive to all abilities.

Small Steps To Health

We encourage everyone to keep moving and have found Tai Chi for Health to be the most beneficial and inclusive movement-based exercise for our members. The benefits of Tai Chi can be achieved standing, seated and visualised ensuring everyone can join in. 

We do not discourage members from exercising at a higher level to what we offer, in fact we encourage it. However, just be mindful of the consequences if you exceed your baseline limitations. Remember to take things very slow and that this is your unique journey there is no competition. Your goal is to make it through the door. Everything else is a bonus. What you can manage today may not happen at all next time. You are doing what is right for you.


Mental Health

We have trained Mental Health Champions who are able to listen and sign post to the relevant services. We also have an emotional support facilitator who can meet with you 1-2-1 by appointment.


Further Support

We are a fibromyalgia and CFS/ME support group. We are unable to offer support in other areas of your life but can sign post you to other organisations who may help. Please speak to a member of the committee after the meetings if you require assistance. You also find a links to local recommended services on our website.

Committee Members

Fibro Active is a not-for-profit, unincorporated organisation that is run by a volunteer committee. The committee members are all Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME sufferers who also have the same symptoms as you. Please respect that they are all only human and mistakes can be made from time to time. Bullying and negative attitude towards any member will not be tolerated. The group rules were put in place when the group was formed. They were updated in line with the growth of the group and agreed by the group’s members at the 2019 AGM.

We are an open and transparent group. We want to ensure your time with us is enjoyable and empowering in a fun environment. If you need to talk to someone, you have an idea, any issues or a complaint please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our committee members. All our committee members are friendly and approachable. Your communication will be kept confidential and will follow appropriate channels according to the constitution.